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Life skills for the classroom & Beyond

Yoga is more than just breathing and stretching. When children practice the fundamentals of yoga, they are being equipped with a toolbox of life skills that can be used for a host of situations. The benefits of bringing yoga to schools can be seen inside the classroom and beyond.

A Holistic Approach Through Movement & Mindfulness

It’s a reason why people usually feel so calm and refreshed after a yoga session- especially kids and adolescents. Yoga nourishes the whole body - mentally and physically. As children grow, they don’t always get a chance to process the rapid changes happening to their bodies internally and externally. Yoga allows them the chance to do so. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Ability to focus & strategize

  • Emotional self-regulation

  • Increased balance and flexibility (gross & fine motor skills)

  • Breathing techniques that help to cope with stress and anxiety

  • Affirmations that reinforce positive self image

  • Mindfulness to promote kindness, gratitude, and empathy (great for anti-bullying)

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Bring yoga & Mindfulness to your students

Yoga is a wonderful addition to any extra curriculum program or camp. Click the button below to get in touch with me about bringing a school based yoga program to you.