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Baby & Toddler Yoga

Starting with babies as young as 5 weeks old, my mommy & baby classes are great for bonding, baby development and building strength back in postpartum bodies. Toddler yoga classes continue to build on physical, social, and emotional development, while also introducing tots to mindfulness. See where I’m teaching!


School Based Yoga Programs

I’m a huge advocate for yoga in schools. My Pre-K and elementary programs intergrade arts & crafts, literacy, and games while also promoting mindfulness and yoga poses that develop balance, strength and gross motor skills. School based programs are designed for middle school, high school, and college students as well.


Private Sessions, Adult Yoga & More

Private yoga sessions puts the focus on you as I curate a class designed specifically for your needs. These sessions can be for children and/or adults, and may also be solo or held in a small group. Check here for pop up adult yoga classes and special events.